Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I knew when I first saw Idiocracy that way too many people were headed in that direction.
I'm so sickened by the election results tonight.  How could this happen? How could it be this bad? The republicans weren't even trying to hide their anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-elderly, anti-poor people, anti-people of color, anti-child... basically, anyone who wasn't a white, rich, christian republican.

Do people pay that little attention to what's going on? I know, I'm a political junkie.  I gobble this shit up like fresh donuts, but c'mon! How do you not see that these monsters are out for themselves, and that any benefits promised aren't gonna be for you!

When I think of all the stuff that's going to be on the chopping block:

  • Health insurance. I just GOT freakin' health insurance, and now they're gonna try to repeal the law that made it possible for me to get it.
  • Social Security. The fuckers want to privatize it! It's not even their money. It's ours, dammit!
  • Food Stamps. Because fuck the poor.
  • Unemployment. Ditto
  • Women's right to choose. Not just abortion, but they're going after birth control as well. Hobby Lobby was just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Voting Rights. Again, fuck the poor.
  • Collective Bargaining Rights. Because how dare those employees stand up to their owners employers. Asking for a living wage, benefits and all. Pshht.
  • Minimum Wage. See Collective Bargaining Rights.
  • Consumer Protections. Such a pain in the ass for the poor billionaires.
  • Net Neutrality. How can free and equal access to the Net be good for the wealthy?
Yeah, that's it for not.  Imma go get drunk, while it's still allowed. </rant>
 I will be so happy to get this nasty surgical dressing off on Friday. It's not really painful any more, but typing's a bitch. Also, cooking, bathing, brushing my hair and just about any other grooming/bathroom chore you can imagine. I need to put a bag over it to cook, because ewwww.  I miss being able to wear pants with zippers, too.

Jason O'Mara as Det. Sam Tyler

 TV helps pass the time until I go back to work.  I just finished binge-watching the American version of Life on Mars, including all the bonus extras. Maybe the best part of owning the DVD. What a great show. If you've never heard of it, here's my nutshell version: A NYC detective from 2008, Sam Tyler (Jason O'Mara) is hit by a car and somehow wakes up in 1973. Same job, same NYC precinct. The 1973 Lieutenant is Gene Hunt (Harvey Keitel). He and fellow detectives Ray Carling (Michael Imperioli) and Chris Skelton (Jonathan Murphy) do things a little differently than Sam is used to. Annie Norris (Gretchen Mol) is a policewoman who takes a lot of shit from the detectives, and becomes Sam's friend.

The sets, music and wardrobes are all painstakingly 1973 anatomically correct. There's some good cop stories with enough of a sci-fi twist to please fans of either genre.  Lasted one whole season, a little better than another short-lived hybrid show, Firefly. What is it with these kinds of shows? Is it that it's hard to explain the concept of the show in  15 seconds? I remember trying to tell people about Firefly. When you said "space western" people stopped listening. "Time-traveling cop" doesn't fare any better, it would seem. I loved the show, and was sad to see it go. At least they got to wrap up the story and answer any questions a viewer might have had.
Harvey Keitel, as Lt. Gene Hunt