Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Latest Palin Scandal

I really do feel some sympathy for poor Bristol Palin. She arrived on the national stage, pushed by momma Sarah as a poster girl for teenage pregnancy and "pro-life" values. Six years and several failed reality shows later, she finds herself a single mom who just can't get a break from that darned ol' librul media.

Here's the story, as I understand it:
  • Bristol, along with her parents, her child and some siblings, arrive uninvited at a private party given at the home in Anchorage. The group shows up in a stretch Hummer limo, because what else would they be driving around in? 
  • The child remains in the car, perhaps to serve as a designated driver, as the rest of his group has apparently been drinking. Hope they at least cracked the window and left him a bowl of water.
  • Believe it or not, the homeowner was NOT thrilled to see these "celebrities" crashing his party. It would seem that even by local standards, the Palin clan is considered low-rent. No one was impressed by Bristol's "thong dress" whatever that is, and her $300 sunglasses. 
  • A fight ensues. There's a lot of he-said she-said over who hit who. I'm sure somebody is sitting on some hysterical video, maybe looking for the highest bidder. You KNOW there were probably lots of people there, recording it all with their phones.
  • The police show up.  There is audio of Miss Thong Dress blubbering her disjointed and profane take on the festivities. She seems somewhat more concerned about her missing shoes and $300 sunglasses than her 5 year old son, who she left in the car and has since lost track of. Astute listeners can hear her mother in the background, coaching her to quit swearing.
  • Bristol takes to social media. Per Palin family policy, everyone else is to blame. Mostly the librul media, and for some reason, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.
Again, this is Bristol Palin. She grew up in this family, and probably doesn't know any better. Maybe she doesn't realize that civilized people don't behave like that at parties. Maybe she doesn't realize that adults take responsibility for their own actions. Her role models weren't the best.

This could also be something pre-planned by her family.  There was so much going on in the news. ISIS, Ebola, the mid-term elections, school shootings. The Palins hadn't been in the news for a while, and they needed to do something to get the country talking about them again. Well, we talked. Now the Palin family is doing what they do best, playing the victim.

You have my pity, Palins, but not for the reasons you think you should.

Politicalgates has a much more complete timeline HERE  

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