Friday, October 21, 2011

Not Exactly Lovin' Mickey D's Today

Yesterday, Jack & I had to take his dog to the vet in Wickliffe.  We got out of there at about 5:30, and wanted to stop and get something to drink before going home and making supper. McDonald's unsweetened tea is delicious, and a good value at $1, so we headed there.

First, they didn't put our order up on the electronic board for confirmation. No biggie. The person at the first window asked for $2. I paid her, got no receipt. Again, no biggie. I pulled up to the second window and they tried to hand me a bag of food. No, I sez, we just ordered tea. Much confusion on the other side of the window. UNSWEETENED tea, I reminded her. (I had been the victim of a sweet/unsweet mixup before.) I observe an employee fumbling around with our drinks, adding ice cubes, pouring out liquid, adding more liquid, more ice, fumbling with the lids. She finally hands us the cups. "You sure this is unsweetened?" I ask one more. I was assured that it was.

I was thirsty. Before we got to the driveway, I'd put the straw in and took a big sip. Fortunately, my window was still open, because I did a big spit-take. We'd gotten SWEET tea, which is like drinking Log Cabin Syrup. So, I parked the car and took the offending drinks inside.

I put the sweet tea on the counter and reported the error. Again, the confused, deer-in-the-headlights look, and then the admission, "We're all out of unsweetened tea."  Now they tell me.  I asked for a drink of water, just to get that gaggy sweet taste out of my mouth. The shift manager hands me two clean cups and directs me to the self-serve fountain on the floor. More than I asked for, but whatevs. I fill my cups and take them back to the counter. "Can I get my two dollars back?" I ask nicely. What? Why? Because you're out of the unsweetened tea, that's why.  "I could brew some." offers the manager. I have a husband and a dog waiting out in the car. I can't decide which one is more impatient. How long's that gonna take? Manager's not sure, about like brewing a pot of coffee.

"Ah, forget it!" So, I left with my tap water and no refund. It's pouring rain, and I just want to get home. Fortunately, I didn't bring Jack into the restaurant with me, because he wanted to make a big stink about it. I didn't need that much drama for a lousy $2.  I did go to the McD website to tell an abbreviated version of this story, but Jack's all for getting the Attourney General after them. Dude. It's two dollars. I blogged about it. I feel better now.

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