Monday, September 5, 2011

Nice Neighbors

Another sign I see on my daily commute.  A few months ago, it first appeared with the statement "Sandee S. is a Thief."

It got torn down quickly, presumably by Sandee or one of her friends. It was put back up. Someone painted over the sign.

Once again, it was posted.  This time they added "vandal."

At this point, I believe Sandee just gave up and decided to get on with her life. The sign remains, months later.

A sign like this says way more about the person who posted it than it does about Sandee.  I was a little bit apprehensive when I got out of my car to snap a picture. I could only imagine what sort of person would come running out of the house, screaming at me, perhaps brandishing some sort of weapon. I admit that part of me hoped for that. I wanted to get a look at this great neighbor. I wanted to snap their picture.

So, the sign is still there, and I haven't learned any of the back story.  I guess I have to give them props for spelling. You don't expect a sign like this to be spelled correctly.

10/21/2011  Updating:  Sign is still up. House is for sale.

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