Sunday, September 11, 2011


Thanks, @Shoq, for a group of awesome tweets this morning.  So many people slammed President Obama over the scheduling of his American Jobs Act speech. "He caved!" they said. Of course he didn't. He knew exactly what he was doing. 

The White House knew full well that the GOP squabble-fest was scheduled for Wednesday night. It was the one time that they were practically guaranteed a refusal from Boehner. So, what happened?

  • WH schedules speech for Wednesday night
  • GOP screeches "Oh NOES!" that they had dibs on that night for their debate.
  • WH says "OK then, we'll make it Thursday. No prob." 
  • WH reassures sports fans that the speech will not interfere with the "big game."
  • GOP presents their, what was it anyways, comedy special? Reality competition? A very special Jerry Springer? Oh yeah, debate, that's what they called it.
  • 5.4 million viewers enjoy drinking games and live-tweeting.
  • Contestants try to outdo one another to see who can shame the party most.  Perry's record number of executions and the audience response to it will probably be remembered as the winner.
  • President & staff get to watch and take notes.
  • President Obama rocks a powerful speech. 31 million people tune in.  He gets the last word in for the week. 
  • And no, Michele, your little press conference doesn't really count. Your own party wouldn't even get your back on that one, but thank you for playing.
President Obama knows what he's doing.  
He plays three-dimensional chess while 
his opponents and detractors are playing Candy Land.

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